Steph Chudy is a knitwear and knitting enthusiast in Brooklyn, New York.

An initial interest in hand knitting that started at age 13 culminated into a

5-piece hand-knit senior thesis collection, creating a stepping stone into the knitwear industry. 

Full immersion in textures and patterns was further developed through  

screen printing and textile design coursework in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Combining these interests created designs that have been featured in Neiman Marcus, Shopbop, Anthropologie, and smaller boutiques. 

When not playing with string, Steph Chudy enjoys jigsaw puzzles, backgammon, traveling, and post-travel return-home naps with furry companions Helen and Myrtle...

Or making puppets.

this website wouldn't be possible without the unconditional support of  Jennitin, Swk, Lu, Josh, Vik, and most notably  Jo; who  "just wanted to know what you've been up to".